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Affilorama Review

The thought of making money online excites everybody. It does sound great and tempting. Online earning supplements your monthly income and keeps you occupied in your free time. We have various ways of drawing a decent income online in the new normal. One such way is affiliate marketing. And, Affilorama is said to be the largest affiliate marketing community in recent times.    


If you are looking for an unbiased Affilorama review, then you are at the right place. Whatever you are looking for about this platform, the Affilorama review will answer most of your queries so that in the end, you get a better understanding of it. 

Let’s dive in without any further ado.

Why Affilorama?

Affilorama is a legitimate online portal that offers a suite of courses and tools helpful for affiliate marketing. A starter can learn everything related to affiliate marketing and its prime aspects.  

Affilorama is a credible website trusted by several affiliate marketers and gives trusted information, unlike other fake websites. The tool has been featured on various digital marketing sites like Moz, Forbes, Fortune, etc. 


Affilorama Features: What does Affilorama offer?

Affilorama is not an apt tool only for newbies or novice users. The platform is a suite of courses and tools that is helpful for everyone, even who is not aware of the affiliate marketing business. 

Affilorama is a one-stop destination for essential knowledge required to start with 

affiliate marketing. The tutorials and information are well organized and explicit. The lessons will brief you on all the concepts from researching, setting up, marketing, and maintaining an affiliate website.

What tools and training does Affilorama offer?

Affilorama provides free video lessons. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you will find essential resources every new affiliate marketer needs. You will find a quick start guide that provides a roadmap to start affiliate marketing. You have hundreds of free lessons on various fresh topics with lifetime access. Here, you learn as per your schedule. 

Content Creation

This section is equipped with content. It starts with the basics of writing, getting it written for you, and more. You can learn how to create content that converts traffic into income.  

Market Research 

In this segment, you can learn how to do proper market research. You must first research the appropriate niche and its market. It is crucial to perform apt market research before committing. 

Website Promotion

If you are looking for a proper insight for your website, and wish to go out of the box then, this section will give you good promotion ideas. You can find solid marketing strategies to get traffic to your website. 

Site Building

As an affiliate marketer, you are likely to handle multiple websites. Affilorama site building lessons will show that new affiliates need to fear the task of building a website. 


Another prime aspect of Affilorama is the AffiloTools that help you improve your search engine rankings. The premium suite of online tools for marketers gives you the complete picture of your web stats. It crunches data from a range of premium sources and finds out what happens on your website.

Affilorama is the largest affiliate marketing community that integrates with many other applications and tools like Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook, Moz, etc. You can dig deeper into your search engine rankings to track your websites in-depth to see real-time results.

AffiloTools help you discover the long-term trends for your website traffic, rankings, earnings, social activity, and more. All these are represented through graphs to show you the overall picture. 

When you are into affiliate marketing, there is always a possibility that your competitors are racing on you. You can spot those players and discover who is rapidly moving ahead and how they are doing it. You can check on the links they are getting with advanced warnings of potential threats. 

You can use the Link Finder to find high-quality sites in your niche with the best potential for building beneficial backlinks. AffiloTools keeps an eye on your website to spot any technical issues that might hurt your business. 

AffiloTools competition analysis lets you check out your competitors and understand their strategies to beat them. You can watch over your rival’s rankings over time and see where they are heading to grab the top spot. 

Once you run AffiloTools’ backlink report on another website, you will receive a detailed analysis of their backlinks with vital stats like the Page Rank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority. AffiloTools’ Keyword Research tool extracts keywords with good search volume to spot the keywords that crawl for front page listings. 

Keeping an eye on your website health is equally important before your business is hampered. AffiloTools performs a complete health check on your website and suggests justified advice on improving its performance. 

Here, you can examine your website’s on-page SEO components and learn how to improve your page speed. The tool accurately examines every single page on your website to discover problematic areas. 

Pathway To Passive

The Pathway2Passive is a content strategy for affiliate sites that boosts traffic, increases sales, and leads to good passive income. Pathway To Passive is an all-in-one guide that outlines building a successful, quality, long-lasting affiliate website for a decent passive income. 

It is an ultimate guide for both newbies and experienced ones that teaches how to find profitable niches and products, tricks to help you rise in high competition. You can make a headstart to get ahead of the curve and boost the chances of your success.

Apart from these, Affilorama also offers high-quality educational solutions to complement academic learning programs with world-class resources to provide students with real-world training.  

Affilorama Pricing

Affilorama offers a free trial for 30 days at $1. You get 30 days of Affilorama Premium as well with this. The Pathway To Passive guide will cost you $37, where you get a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

There are two types of memberships available:

Basic – This is a free membership where you get approximately 20 hours of training videos, written materials, and feedback from other experienced affiliate marketers. Overall, the basic membership teaches you all the basic stuff and the initial setup.

Premium – Initially, you get the Premium membership at $1 for 30 days during the trial, then it is $67 per month that you can cancel anytime. Here, you get in-depth training on the advanced level of affiliate marketing with hundreds of free video lessons, product creation training, affiliate blog Bootcamp training, free hosting for 15 domains, and more.  

Affilorama Pros and Cons

A product review is not complete without listing out its upsides and downsides. A few of the pros and cons of Affilorama are listed below. 


⇒ Explains the basics of affiliate marketing and making money online.

⇒ You can access all the required basic tools in paid membership. 

⇒ Lots of helpful tips from other community members to enhance our business.

⇒ The free membership option is available.

⇒ Detailed content is available for free membership.


⇒ The available free content is not the best in class, and many are outdated.

⇒ Engagement levels are disappointing. 

⇒ Few of the available information seems repeated.

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Conclusion: Should you give it a try?

If you are interested to make money online, then Affilorama is the right place for you. Here, you get to learn everything, from basics to advanced levels on affiliate marketing. So, all in all, you get to have some good knowledge about affiliate marketing and make money online. 

Trust this review has solved your purpose well and you got all the relevant information needed to start working on affiliate marketing. 


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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