AnyTrack Review 2022| Is It The Best Affiliate Tracking Software?

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AnyTrack Review

Increased sales and revenue directly correlate with improved conversion rates. Whether you work in marketing or not, increasing conversions is often one of the top preferences in any organization. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to track conversions from your website, sales calls, and marketing campaigns.

Having stated that, it is crucial to have a conversion tracking platform that integrates easily with any marketing flow, resources, and networks. This way- you can confidently employ cutting-edge campaign optimization technologies to increase ROI and grow your business.

Which conversion tracking platform is the best?

Well! One such application that accommodates the demands of all diverse kinds of businesses is AnyTrack. The integration of this software is seamless on  your onsite and offline conversion making it easy to analyse any sponsored or organic traffic with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and ad networks.

Then, is AnyTrack the best software you were looking for, for your business? 

Dive into this detailed AnyTrack review to know every bit of AnyTrack-

What is AnyTrack?

AnyTrack is a conversion tracking platform and attribution system that allows users to completely automate the flow of conversion data across their marketing stack. 

To put it in simpler words, it gathers all conversion data from your website, including direct, paid, and organic conversions, and delivers it to your marketing and analytics platform. 

They let you track with only one line of code that incorporates page views, outbound clicks, filling forms, landing page lead-generating prospects, and other goals- you can set up without any hustle.

The AnyTrack technology collects first-party data from your website and associates it with engagement and conversion events via a sophisticated tracking tag. Leading marketing tools like Google Analytics, well-known affiliate networks, eCommerce platforms, and top CRMs are all directly tied to conversion monitoring.

Where Exactly Does AnyTrack Work?

AnyTrack is the best affiliate tracking software that has a myriad of features. However, AnyTrack was created from the bottom up with an “integration first” strategy, ensuring there is no technical complexity or demand for technical expertise to begin tracking. 

Following are just a few scenarios where AnyTrack can be your ally. 

AnyTrack records the entire information about website visitors and events:

  • Assemble data about audiences, marketing, and traffic (standard and custom parameters)
  • Tracks form submissions and outbound clicks by your pixels and analytics.

Monitor affiliate networks, CRM, and API Conversions.

  • AnyTrack gathers conversions using API or tracking via a postback.
  • Conversion types should be standardized.

Pixels, analytics, and marketing platforms receive conversion data.

  • Conversion events are routed to pixels/analytics through server-side / API for advertising attribution.
  • Conversion events are sent to pixels and analytics for audience building through server-side / API.
  • Conversion events are sent by webhook to Zapier and Integromat, allowing you to use the data in your marketing tools such as email marketing platforms, reporting, and CRM.

Key Features| Conversion Tracking Platform

Easy to use interface-

The AnyTrack writers and programmers did a stunning job with the landing page design. The dashboard comes with a fluid layout, colors, tabs, graphics, and all the information that is carefully displayed and organized clearly. So, with only a few clicks, you can acquire whatever you need.

The program’s creators made it so that using your dashboard will feel like playing video games because it is simple to use and enjoyable. The idea is to work hard while having fun. Also, keep in mind that if you need some help getting started, there are a ton of tutorials and other learning resources accessible.


Connect to services like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and others-

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Taboola, Outbrain, Google Ads, and Bing Ads are among the analytics and advertising platforms to which AnyTrack connects. When you put Anytrack’s tracking code on your website, you will notice that these tools receive all of your conversion data on time.

Furthermore, users can make the most out of your PPC ad networks’ conversion data. SEOs can use this data to generate more engaging content that sells more by better understanding their target audience.

Tracking for Affiliate Networks

Anytrack review

AnyTrack is an excellent tool if you work in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are provided with conversion and audience statistics by AnyTrack transparent tracking solutions, enabling them to develop long-term data assets and data-driven marketing expertise. It recognizes affiliate connections on your website automatically. It goes by the name Autotag.

All you need to do is link your affiliate network to Anytrack to begin going. AnyTrack sets a surefire way to capture conversion information and transmit it back to your analytics account even if a customer leaves your website after clicking an affiliate link and buying something.


OneTag AnyTrack

As the name says, it allows you to track and reward your visitors in real-time. You may start tracking visitors to your website in approximately 5 minutes by adding the OneTag.

AnyTrack immediately transfers conversion data to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel after tracking affiliate network traffic and conversions on your website.  This transferred data instantly fills the remarketing list with user information, enabling you to automate the remarketing of campaigns to a new audience. You might be able to boost your marketing efforts and understand your users better with the aid of AnyTrack tracking data.

Event AutoTracking

For data collection operations such as form submission and outbound clicks, you must install a variety of technologies on your website. As marketers, we frequently are unaware of how to set up tracking for forms and other types of data collection. AnyTrack gives you the benefit of automatically logging information like form submissions and outbound link clicks.

Outbound clicks typically point to external URLs, such as affiliate links. AnyTrack being the best affiliate tracking software, will automatically monitor and report these events to your pixels and analytics. The links with the rel=”nofollow” or rel=” sponsored” tags will also generate an OutboundClick event, and you will receive it in your analytics and pixels.

Advanced Reporting

Anytrack review Advanced reporting

You can monitor high-level performance indicators for each of your properties using AnyTrack’s dashboard, including visits, engagements, conversions, and revenues. Consequently, you may use the most sophisticated reporting and data segmentation tools of Google Analytics to filter, query, and segment your data. It will send the entire conversion events to Google Analytics.

AnyTrack attributes conversions using the Google Analytics Client ID, so Google Analytics will automatically assign your conversion events by their attribution models and policies.

You will thus be able to query any Google Analytics reports and examine the data appropriately after Google Analytics receives conversions. 

Excellent Customer Service

The AnyTrack customer service representatives are friendly. Even though they do not provide live chat support, emailing them is simple and does not need you to wait days for a response. They are really helpful and will go out of their way to assist you in properly setting up your account.

How Do You Get Anytrack Started?

Follow these three simple steps to start using AnyTrack and become a marketing whiz:

  • Create a property
  • Put the tracking code in place.
  • Get in touch with Analytics.

Step 01-Describe your property.

Anytrack review

Include the property name & website URL along with all other relevant information about your website.

 Step 02- Insert the AnyTrack TAG 

Register for a free account and add the AnyTrack TAG to your website or Affiliate funnel. You don’t even need to manually alter your tracking settings or code after it’s completed. Place the tag there. And that’s it.

Step 03- Enable integrations.

Anytrack review

It only takes a switch-flick to connect to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and your preferred affiliate and ad networks. Now that you’re ready, all you need to do is click to start monitoring.

Pricing| AnyTrack Review

AnyTrack comes with a diverse pricing plan- Free, Basic, Personal, and Advanced. 


  • 1 Website
  • 1 Affiliate network
  • Up to 5,000 sessions per month
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Pixel Integration

Basic Plan

This plan is perfect for users that want to uncover the potential of AnyTrack and start tracking their first conversion.


  • 1 Website
  • 3 months of Data Retention
  • 1 Conversion Source
  • 50,000 Session Included
  •  Facebook Conversion API
  • Google Ads Integration
  •  eCommerce Integrations
  • Google Analytics Integration
  •  Ad Networks Support

Personal Plan

If you are a marketer that works in teams on a few platforms, this plan suits best for your needs.


  • 3 Website
  • 12 months of Data Retention
  • Unlimited Conversion Source
  • 500,000 Session Included
  •  Facebook Conversion API
  • Google Ads Integration
  •  eCommerce Integrations
  • Google Analytics Integration
  •  Ad Networks Support
  •  Custom Events Tracking
  •  Webhooks
  •  Multi-Access
  •  1 Pixel per Ad Platform
  •  Premium Affiliate Networks

Advanced Plan

This plan suits best for Agencies that need to implement advanced data-driven marketing campaigns.


  • 10 Website
  • 12 months of Data Retention
  • Unlimited Conversion Source
  • 3,000,000 Session Included
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Google Ads Integration
  •  eCommerce Integrations
  • Google Analytics Integration
  •  Ad Networks Support
  •  Custom Events Tracking
  •  Webhooks
  •  Multi-Access
  •  Cross Pixel Audience
  •  Unlimited Ad Pixels
  •  Premium Affiliate Networks


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Pros and Cons|  AnyTrack Review

Although AnyTrack is a fantastic product for all affiliate marketers and SEO experts, there are a few issues to be aware of.


  • 100+ Integrations with Affiliations
  • Appropriate with current Google analytics
  • Easy export of reports and other data to Excel without requiring any installation.
  • Mobile-friendly & user-friendly 
  • Free 14-day trial version
  • Instant set up of a traffic source
  • Suitable for use with current Google Analytics
  • Integration of postback URLs and APIs
  • Tracking an affiliate funnel automatically
  • Affordable Plans


  • Limited banking options
  • The use of cryptocurrencies is prohibited.
  • Live chat support is not available.

AnyTrack Review: Final Verdict

With the help of Any track, marketers can easily engage with automation and create data-driven marketing plans. AnyTrack is a cutting-edge platform for conversion tracking and attribution monitoring. Additionally, the platform offers easy interaction with third-party programs like Shopify, Zapier, Pepperjam, Cake, and Zapier.

In addition, They ensure that you take full use of the data-driven marketing insights provided by websites like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, and others.

With a 14-day free trial, you may try things out and upgrade whenever you like. AnyTrack is the best affiliate tracking software overall and has streamlined the process.

How did you like our detailed AnyTrack review? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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