Performance Marketing Solution- Offer18 Review 2022

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Offer18 is the most flexible, fastest-growing Saas platform for affiliates, advertisers, and ad networks to enable them to track, optimize and measure the performance of their networks.

This multiple award-winning performance marketing solution has a global reach to 700+ clients across 20+ countries.

With its advanced targeting features(carrier, languages, OS versions) apart from Geos, one can deliver the right campaigns to the right audience.

It is a complete Whitelabel platform with a feel of an in-house system with your custom domain and branding.

We are conducting a complete review of this tracking platform to see how it is diverse from others, its unique features, pricing, and pros & cons. Is it worth going for or not? 

Let’s discover here-

What is Offer18?- An Overview


Offer18 is a robust performance marketing solution transforming the performance marketing industry with enhanced reporting knowledge for a crystal clear image of performance analytics. 

Offer18 offers 75+ data breakdown comparison reports for a complete marketing control for affiliate marketers, advertisers, and agencies to increase revenue growth.

Its real-time measuring filters can efficiently examine the past, present, and future metrics for better discernment to boost ROI(return on investment)


With an advantage to track unlimited clicks, capture 15 million impressions, and 40,000 conversions, this AI programmed comprehensive toolset can track network performance to hit the bull’s eye for your marketing campaign by targeting the right market and audience not just by location but by language, carrier, and OS versions. 

Offer18 is thoroughly customizable for users to deploy their branding, logos, and business colors across all internal and external frontends.

Also, Offer18 users can create intelligent tracking URLs which distribute traffic as per requirements. 

Furthermore, all its tracking tools are scaleable.

Let’s check some built-in features now-


  • Budget Control- To keep your budget under check with daily and monthly caps
  • Affiliate Interface- Offer18 provides you with an ultimate affiliate dashboard UI for fast & prompt reporting and quick offer setup.
  • Multi Currency Payouts- It supports multiple currencies for revenue and payout of campaigns from advertisers and publishers.
  • Infinite Scalability-With this affiliate marketing platform, you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, as it can handle billions of events every day.

Offer 18 Features at a Glance-

  • Lead Management
  • Dashboard
  • Affiliate Management
  • Event Triggered Actions
  • Multi-Campaign
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Fraud detection
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Goal Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • ROI Tracking
  • Banner Management

Today offer18 boasts of 700+ happy customers across 20+ countries, with 24/7 day & night support available to support onBoarding meet requirements, and 150+ API prompt integration with various advertisers to initiate the process of pulling offers in just a few steps.

Referral Account


And you can refer your friend or company to offer18 for a referral bonus of 10% per month for three months through this signup page for referral account-(refer to the image below)

Besides, Offer18 delivers numerous learning prospects through regular updates, case studies, knowledge base, and APIs.


Features- Offer18 Review-Performance Marketing Solution


Offer18 is the fastest of the networks that can redirect in 0.5 milliseconds with infinite scalability and end-to-end encryption for complete security.

Its research & development team is committed to continuous improvement for more enriched Saas technology.

Some of its best features are-

  • Campaign Automation

Through campaign automation, you can automate campaign performance and improve the ROI of every movement. Organize all of your advertisers, affiliates, offers/campaigns, automated billing, and invoicing in one location.

  • Link Tester

To track breakpoints in the campaign URL, a link testing tool is available to validate the redirection of your campaign.

  • Affiliate Referral

One affiliate can bring more affiliates, and you can reward them as revenue share or fixed price.

  • Dynamic Payouts

Here, you can set up payouts for each affiliate with selected GEO and pay according to fixed rates or percentage-wise.

  • Fraud Detection

Tokens, whitelists, blacklists, antifraud — no malicious traffic will go unnoticed from offer18’s best fraud detection tools.

  • Real-Time

No more waiting for the processing of reports with this affiliate marketing platform because of its real-time data collection feature.

How to Use Offer18?


Offer18 has moved the learning curve downwards with a user-friendly interface, ease in account setup to understand by a walkthrough, tooltips, quick demonstrations, and documentation guides open on the platform.

You can request a free trial by filling this simple form(refer to the image below)

request-a free-trial


Here, you can fill in the details asked for and have a free demo within a couple of hours. No credit card is required. 

By signing up, you will get a 30 days free trial without any charge.

Start your 30 Days free trial now!


Pricing Plan to Track Network Performance


Offer18 is distinct in providing customized features with advanced functioning according to the plan you select.

This performance marketing solution offers three plans other than the free trial for various requirements.-

1. Unit Based– 49$/ month-

This plan offers 3,00,000 units (Clicks + Conversions), impressions 0.01 USD per 1000, additional usage: 1 USD per 10,000 units with unlimited offers, email, chat support. But there is no smart offer, API access, and complete feature access available under this plan. So choose carefully as you need.

Please note- * 1 Units = 1 Click or 1 Conversion

2. Conversion Basic149$/ month-

This plan offers the following functions-

  • Unlimited Clicks
  • 10,000 Conversions
  • 2 Million Impressions Included
  • Additional Usage : 0.015 USD (conversion)
  •  Unlimited Offers
  •  Smart Offer
  •  API Access
  •  Complete Features Access
  • Support : Email, Chat

3.Conversion Enterprise349$/ month

It offers-

  • Unlimited Clicks
  • 40,000 Conversions
  • 15 Million Impressions Included
  • Additional Usage : 0.010 USD (conversion)
  •  Unlimited Offers
  •  Smart Offer
  •  API Access
  •  Complete Features Access
  • Support : Email, Chat (Premium Support)

Refer to the image below-


Pros- Offer18 Review

Offer18 is built to create affiliate networks, optimize campaign performance, and use traffic sources for better ROI(return on investment) using advanced in-built technology tools.

Some of its top benefits are-

  • Extensive Analytics

Offer18 supplies comprehensive reporting with 75 data tracking points for crystal clear performance analytics and visibility into real-time performance insights through smart filters. 

Users can do much further than tracking by basic click, impression, and conversion analysis also. 

  • Fully Customizable Automations

Offer18 presents robust tools for the complete customization of automated campaigns. Users can easily customize and tailor them to specific markets. (no constraints to standard automation features)

  • Unlimited Tracking

Offer18  is a robust service that can track and analyze billions of events with 99.999% up-time.

  • Intelligent Multiple-Targeting & Event Tracking

Offer18 allows you to target your customers accurately through its powerful targeting components across different languages, geographies, operating systems, and carriers.

You can also make custom goals and events according to distinct campaigns and check each campaign event’s conversion and goal for lead conversion.

Using this, you can assemble intelligent URLs that track your traffic to distribute traffic based on particular standards of weighted traffic splitters.

  • Fast Set-up

Offer18  provides easy account setup in a few minutes with an intuitive, simple dashboard for tracking, instant monitoring, and campaign automation.

  • Fraud Detection & Scalability

Offer18 ensures that no malicious traffic goes undetected including blacklists, whitelists, antifraud, and tokens. 

Its fraud detection mechanism can catch deceitful traffic, bogus leads, and conversions in time to alert its users for timely actions required. 

Furthermore, all your data is secured to handle multiple campaigns smoothly with greater control and safety.


For a novice in affiliate marketing, understanding its interface can be an issue initially. But its dedicated team of experts and 24X7 support will sail you through efficiently remotely or at your business location, so not much of a matter to worry about.


Offer18 performance marketing solution has carved a niche for itself in a short period and now maintains a special standing in the world’s top affiliate marketing platforms.

And the increasing number of best affiliate marketers on its client list indicates offer18’s prowess in the performance analytics industry.

With multiple-targeting, event tracking, security, scalability, API or smart offers, whitelisting or blacklisting IPs, dynamic tokens and parameters to unique clicks, multi conversions to run campaigns in, impression link implementation, and creatives upload, offer 18 is standing tall with many beneficial features for affiliate marketers.

We recommend this for beginners, startups, and top affiliate networks, considering significant results pouring in.

And most significantly, its services are more cost-effective with better features and advanced security.

Start your free trial now-


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