Free Automated Affiliate Reporting || Review 2022

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Are you an affiliate marketer searching for the best tool to manage your affiliate links in one place and easy access. If you have been doing affiliate marketing for some time. You may have enrolled in at least a dozen different affiliate networks and found it difficult to keep track of it properly. .

That is where comes into play. It modernizes the way you manage your affiliate marketing. And in this review, we will learn all about it.


Introduction to is one of the most sought-after software in the affiliate marketing industry for managing affiliate links. As its design offers unified access to multiple affiliate platforms and aggregates their data into one dashboard. In addition to that provides data on how your links are performing. Aspects such as gross commissions, clicks, Earnings Per Click (EPC), Commissions Clicks, and many more are covered by  Moreover, it plots all of it on a clean line graph for a convenient understanding of which trajectory your business is going.

Affluent, the best affiliate reporting tool is broken down into three different sections, namely:

  1. Affiliates
  2. Agencies
  3. Advertisers


Affiliate Publishing with 

As stated before aggregates the information of all the different affiliate platforms to one. But this is not limited to marketers who use the affiliate links but also to affiliate publishers.

It lets affiliate link publishers track performance metrics and search links easily across different platforms, as Affluent offers integrations with over 500 networks for publishers to work with. So in practice, if you are a marketing manager using share A sale, affiliatly, awin, and pepperjam to publish your affiliate links, you can do it through a single dashboard interface on Affluent.

The affiliate reporting tool can be used to create customized tables and immersive visuals depending on the productivity indicators and team requirements. You can also load these visualizations onto the dashboard for a fully automated reporting process. Affluent’s affiliate publisher algorithm has an automated data scanner that helps you check for any missed opportunities or problems that did not come under your notice.

The fundamental reason to use Affluent is – convenience and time-saving. Instead of going out and checking for everything, Affluent brings things to you. In addition to that, its capability to integrate with other tools is just as good. E.g., if you are using your internal solutions, you can easily integrate your solution with Affluent for easy data transfer. It ensures that your operations are working seamlessly. for Affiliate Marketing Agencies and Advertisers  

Affluent is designed to help modern affiliate agencies drive growth and revenue. If you as an Affiliate Marketing Agency are using multiple affiliate accounts, you can integrate it all into the Affluent and work accordingly. This may sound eerily similar to the one we discussed in the last section and it is. But it only differs in the way it is used.

Publishers use it to publish links across different channels and track their performance, while here in this case marketers use it to avoid any sort of clutter.

For affiliate marketing agencies, also has automatic client reporting. This lets you build beautiful and fully customizable client reports. It automatically populates the data and sends it to you or anyone you want to. It includes data such as top merchants, gross commissions, net commissions, clicks, revenue, etc. Such reporting keeps you updated about your performance. also has a centralized placement tracking system. Now you can ditch the Google sheets and use Affluent to track placements, promotions, trackings, and more. Similar to the publisher’s account, Affluent has an alert option for opportunities as well. There is a section in the menu called “Opportunities & Alerts” which keeps you informed and notifies you in advance regarding potential problems.

Platform migration is easy in Affluent, it lets you keep the old data after an affiliate account is closed. So that you can gauge your performance before and after the migration.

One of the key problems a lot of affiliate marketers face is getting multiple accounts from the same publisher which leads to clutter. Affluent assists in identifying accounts from the same publishers and merges it as one, giving you visibility of your activity with any publishers across your complete portfolio.

Lastly, the affiliate software lets you create branded portals completely with agency colors and more to give them a more personal feel.


Data Deep Dives in 

I would like to discuss one thing in particular, i.e, The dashboard. The dashboard in is much more than a mere showcasing of information. Its fully customizable interface lets you get detailed insights for networks as whole networks such as ShareASale or programs inside of a network such as Wayfair. It also lets you configure performance based on the country and several other metrics.

Such valuable data output is necessary to optimize your affiliate promotions.

For both starters and pros, working without such data is like shooting darts in the dark. But with such data access not only you can organize your operations better and get a solid EPC and conversion percentage across all of your affiliate networks.


Integrations offers integration with over 500 different affiliate networks. You can easily check whether your affiliate network is present there in their directory on the main website as well. So no post purchase blues.

Over 500+ Affiliate Networks


Pros and Cons of using 

Let’s start with Pros, there are too :

  1. The software has a free automated affiliate reporting feature that lets users get started initially.
  2.’s dashboard offers one of the best reports in the industry. It covers a wide range of aspects.
  3. The alerts function is neat as it informs you of both opportunities and a decrease in affiliate responses.
  4. Its integration function is pretty good. With over 500 networks already integrated into, it does not leave a lot of space for users to question.
  5. Centralized placement tracking, lets you eliminate the use of office suites like MS Office or Google Sheets.

And now time for some Cons:

  1. The reporting function is limited in the free version. It could use a little bit of boost. E.g. access to SKU level data would be helpful. But for free it is still worth it.
  2. The purchasing experience is tedious. You cannot just go to the checkout page and purchase it right of the gate. You will have t
  3. Also, the report scheduler tends to delay the reports and does not deliver on the specified date. Except that there isn’t much to complain about.

Pricing of is available in four different price plans. Here is a list of pricing options. Prices

Conclusion || Affluent Review’s design helps you navigate the messy and tacky landscape of affiliate marketing. You begin your operation as a fledgling and join up different programs and end up in a cluttered mess. Affluent helps you sort things out better.

It has performance tracking metrics that keep an eye on how and where you are under performing. It even gives you different metrics for failure so that you can reason things better. E.g. if your program has shut down, it will notify you. stays with you and keeps your operations going as it stays growing. Once your website grows in size it gets difficult to manage and Affluent will help you by keeping tabs on everything. This makes it easy to drill down actions and completely forget about things.

Affluent’s multi-platform access also helps you prepare for any rapid changes in the affiliate marketing business. For instance, when Amazon fiercely reduced the affiliate commissions during the 2020 spring season, affiliate marketers were forced to experiment with alternatives. can come of great help in such trying times. It lets you experiment with multiple affiliate marketing platforms and check for results in the dashboard. So it does the computing work for you while you use trial and error to see what works for you the best. It is a solid tool that will definitely help you improve your affiliate marketing game in more ways than one.


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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