GetAmbassador – Best Referral Software | 2021 Review of the Most Popular Referral Marketing App

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GetAmbassador - Best Referral Software | 2019-20 Review-of-the-Most-Popular-Referral-Marketing-App

Today, the same business niches are getting adopted by thousands of companies. That’s why always staying at the top is difficult. However, there are marketing tools that can help you to surpass this stream of competition. 

It’s not wrong to say that the success of businesses depends somewhat on customers’ acceptance of them. So, people should have known about your business and give it a try. 

Referrals are one of the most significant and used marketing tactics in today’s time. The effective use of referral marketing can help you to reach out to more and more people in order to make your brand accessible.

According to the report given by Word of Mouth Marketing Association, in the United States, daily, almost 2.4 billion people discuss products and services they use. They also talk about the companies that offer them. That’s why referral marketing is considered as a marvelous tactic to create buzz around products and services. 

In accordance with this, business professionals can invite members of their social network to know insights about their products and promote them as well. 

I have used several referral marketing tools up until now, but my best experience has been with GetAmbassador. It is the best referral software for businesses who want to earn the most out of their customer’s social circles and brand partners. 

Ambassador was introduced in the year 2010. Since then, it has seen an impeccable growth trajectory, and the rest is history. Brands like Zillow, CIBC, SunPower, Hewlett-Packard, and Ria Financial are the top recommenders of Ambassador. 


In this GetAmbassador review post, we will see everything about Ambassador, including its fundamental business solutions, prominent characteristics, benefits, pricing details, and more. 

Let’s first get acquainted with the five main functional areas of this tool. 

Chief Functional Areas Of Ambassador- 

These are the five foremost solutions provided by Ambassador-

1. Referral Marketing.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

3. Influencer Marketing.

4. Partner Marketing.

5. Advocacy Marketing. 

1. Referral Marketing-

Ambassador empowers customers to interact socially about services. The main reason behind the productive working of this tool is that, in this, the employees make recommendations only to the people with whom they’re familiar enough. 

By using Ambassador, the best referral marketing software, you can also track and automate your customer perks. 

2. Affiliate Marketing-

With the use of GetAmbassador for affiliate marketing, you can ensure that your brand gets affiliated only by the right group of professionals. Moreover, you can also automate payouts and many other facets of affiliation via this software. 


Ambassador provides affiliate marketers an all-in-one affiliate portal, where they can access each and every insights about their affiliate programs, including, the payouts, links, content, and statistical data. 

3. Influencer Marketing-

Use Ambassador to explore the best influencers of your niche. Influencer marketing solutions of this platform allows you to engage with subject experts of your business niche effectively. 

The access to Ambassador’s features like automated emails, white-labeling, and link customization can take your influencer marketing approach to another level altogether. 

4. Partner Marketing-

By customizing the fully integrated partner application of Ambassador, you can let any of your referral partners to generate leads directly in your CRM. Also, you can permit them to promote your brand on their website and even in emails. 

Well, you can also track all these activities and automate features like revenue sharing and commissions. 

5. Advocacy Marketing-

Using the turnkey portal of Ambassador, you can integrate advocacy marketing metrics into your business branding. Besides, you can also provide feedback, track engagement, automate perks, and analyze attribute outcomes. 

Through Advocacy marketing solutions of this platform, you can ensure that your content gets promoted only on the potential marketing channels. 

So, these were the five principal functional areas of the Ambassador.

Now, it’s time for us to see how to become a member of the Ambassador community. 

How To Get Started With Ambassador’s Basic Reference Program – 

1. Visit here to enroll, so that you can become a member of this referral marketing platform and invite your friends and family to learn about the different aspects of Ambassador.


You can earn $100 on each referral that will complete a demo section. And if in case your referred friends and family members go for an annual contract, you’ll get an additional $500.

2. You can also learn more insights about this software by contacting them. To do this click here, and start the conversation.


Learn Everything About GetAmbassador Portal- 

By accessing the Ambassador portal, you can keep track of each and every move that you have taken with respect to this marketing platform. 

Ambassador portal has divided into five sections-

  • Dashboard.
  • Statistics.
  • Commissions. 
  • Payouts.
  • Assets.

By going through the first tab of this portal- Dashboard, you learn insights about everything that you’ve earned and can afford so far.  

The Statistics window of the Ambassador portal explores you with details about share facets like Revenue, Clicks, Shares, Referrals, and Commissions. 

By using the Commissions tab, you can access information such as name, revenue, commission, date, email id, and transaction id about your customers. And can see whether their transactions are approved or not. 

Next up is the Payout tab. Here, you can see data like the status of your payments, the payment method you have used, your payment date, and the amount you have paid. 

At last, we have the Assets window. By using this, you can upload assets like logos, guides, content, banners, and ads to help affiliate marketers to promote your business online. 

Here’s The Special Features Of GetAmbassador-

Ambassador is one of the most advanced marketing platforms, as it provides its users with the best business solutions. Even if you opt for its basic reference program, you get to access tons of benefits for your business. 

There’s an endless number of features of the Ambassador about which we can talk all day and night, but here I have only mentioned about some traits of it. 

Contribute Simplistic Approach To Marketing:

Unlike other tools that somewhat make the marketing processes complicated, Ambassador comes up with straightforward approaches, which help businesses to achieve something more prominent. 

A turnkey solution of Ambassador plays an influential role in making half of the marketing endeavors easy and simplistic to implement. So, you can say that the Ambassador is an easy-to-manage platform that provides businesses with below-highlighted features- 

  • E-commerce platforms integrations.
  • CRM and email aspects incorporations.  
  • Pre-build template designs and aesthetics. 
  • Easy-to-access visual editor. 

Deliver Highly Segmented Communication Modes :

As you know, Ambassador allows you to work with different niche influencers like YouTubers and Bloggers. So, when your business partners differ from each other in many aspects. At that time, if you have access to the segmented communication modes for each of them differently, the efficiency of your affiliation program gets boosted to another level altogether.  

Incorporates Email And CRM Aspects Effectively:

Using Ambassador becomes even more manageable if you have the perfect integration between CRM and email aspects of your business. Because it is very prominent to keep your customers acquainted with all the business updates adequately. 

Ensure Access To Fast Payments And Extra Rewards: 

Making fast payments without any delays is something you cannot overlook to satisfy your business partners. That’s why the use of marketing software like Ambassador is a must for your business. By using it, you can also access extra perks and rewards for your partners. 

Moreover, Ambassador supports multi-currency payment, integrates multilingual gift vouchers, and provides personalized discounts offers as well.

Offers Branded Experience Altogether: 

In this competitive era of marketing, the use of Ambassador helps you to stand ahead of your competitors. It provides you with an impeccable referral marketing experience. So that, your business could integrate the following characteristics-

  • Become a perfect fit for your existing customer experience. 
  • Not disrupt your brand style and essence.
  • Align completely with open Rest API. 
  • Make use of single-sign-on (SSO). 

Multi-tasking Abilities And Functions: 


In today’s era of connectivity, brand access to every medium has become of utmost importance. It goes for websites, mobile applications, and every possible platform in any corner of the globe. 

Hence, GetAmbassador, the best referral software, ensures to provide online/offline, website/mobile, native language functionalities interface on its platform. So that, people can access it from any part of the world and via any available options.

So, by accessing it, you can take benefit of the following properties-

  • Regional mobile application experience.
  • Adaptable with different types of international currencies. 
  • Offline tracking processes support. 

Benefits Of GetAmbassador-

Ambassador is a platform for marketers with easy-to-understand interfaces. It provides features like an all-in-one affiliate portal, multi-currency trading, multi-linguistic attributes, and more, which makes it much more accessible to salespeople.

Here, on Ambassador, you can also automate processes such as tracking, enrolling, and rewarding your customers. Apart from this, via this tool, you can also make use of different types of widgets and tweak the features of your products accordingly with the use of visual editor. 


Also, with Ambassador, you can optimize marketing campaigns and look after the performance metrics of your business with complete analysis work. 

Disadvantages of GetAmbassador-

It has been difficult for me to find out the disadvantages of this best referral software, but I get succeeded to find some of them-

  • Absence of live chat attribute.
  • Quite expensive for small businesses. 

Insights About Ambassador Pricing-

Ambassador has three different types of pricing plans, which are-

  1. Starter.
  2. Professional.
  3. Enterprise.

Starter Plan: $800/month (annually)

The starter plan is devoted to those start-up business ventures that want to get started with a basic affiliation program. According to this plan, you can take benefit of the following features-

  • Easy access to application programming interfaces.
  • Payouts and Billing Incorporations.
  • Integration to E-commerce platforms.
  • Refer a friend attributes. 
  • Approx 5,000 Ambassadors. 
  • One marketing campaign.

Professional: $1500/month (annually)

As the name suggests, this pricing layout gets generally used by mid-sized business professionals. In accordance with the professional plan of Ambassador, you can look after complete management of your business relationships, plus also access advanced tools to make a winning network amongst your brand partners. 

  • Automation in payment methods.
  • Multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Approx 10, 000 Ambassadors.
  • Multi-linguistic features. 
  • Single Sign-On.

Enterprise (A Customizable Pricing Plan)-

Enterprise is a customizable pricing plan for this software. In which features change according to the needs and vision of the businesses. It is the most advanced marketing plan for this best referral software. These are some of the top solutions you can get by buying this plan-

  • Omni-channel marketing.
  • Incorporations between Email and CRM.
  • Open Rest API access. 
  • Influencer marketing programs.
  • Affiliate programs with advanced features. 
  • Communication segmentation modes.
  • White-labelling.
  •  International brand accesses. 
  • Payment and billing advancements. 
  • Security metrics advances. 

Final Words:

Referral marketing is a vast field to gain potential customers for businesses. However, manually implementing every facet of it can be daunting for you. So, the best referral software like Ambassador is a solution to all your endeavors as far as referral marketing is concerned. 

However, it also assists businesses with solutions like influencer marketing, affiliate networking, brand promotions, and advocacy marketing. You can apply for a demo if you want to understand Ambassador’s functioning in more depth and detail. 

Taking all these things into consideration, I can promise you, the use of Ambassador, the best referral software is beneficial for your business growth. 

It was my first review post on GetAmbassador. If something got left out, then feel free to share your thoughts and views with us. 

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