Firstgrabber Review 2021 – Top Affiliate Network For Fashion

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Affiliate Marketing – One thing that just blew up and took the online business to another level. It helped people to make money online by just being at home or by sitting in any corner of the world.

Affiliate marketing, in simple words – is the process where the affiliates earn commission by advertising other company’s products or any person’s product. The affiliates search for the products and select the ones that they like and then promote it. For every sale they make, a piece of profit gets shared with them.

Affiliate marketing seems to be an easy task, but to be successful in this field, you need to have a variety of skill sets and full proof planning. In case you are thinking of making huge profits and that too in less time then, it is the right time when you need some vital tools.

Currently, there is a large pool of affiliate marketing programs available for a variety of niches that surely give and share a piece of profit made on sale with you. These programs can be a boon for you if you have profitable niches in your bag.

One of the huge money-making niches is Fashion. It is because of the fact that people are looking out for new fashion trends and they have an urge to be always updated with it.

FirstGrabber is an affiliate network that provides a marketing platform for famous brands and affiliates. A powerful and trusted affiliate network for Fashion connecting a large number of affiliates with popular brands and giving them a chance to earn money.

FirstGrabber Review 2021: Top Affiliate Network For Fashion Affiliates


What is FirstGrabber?



FirstGrabber is a trustworthy affiliate network that provides a marketing platform for famous brands and affiliates.

As we know that Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards the affiliates according to their marketing efforts. In other words, if an affiliate promotes products from FirstGrabber through his or her’ social media platform. This affiliate network will then pay commission to the affiliate according to how many people he or she attracted to purchase the products.

It’s a vast network of more than 13,000 operating affiliates where the top affiliates are earning around $30,000 per month. If you have social media accounts, you have to share it with your followers, your community. In case you are an individual, do not worry, you can still earn money, make a profit, and grow. If you become successful in getting your account filled with excellent feedback, then you may also get free items from this affiliate platform.

For whom?

  • For Agencies: If you are an agency, this affiliate platform will provide banners, product data feed, videos, and coupons. Also, postback service and API are supported.
  • For Influencers: In case you are an influencer, this platform will offer you exclusionary coupons. Also, you will be eligible to apply for free clothes. In exchange, you need to send articles, pictures, or videos for the product.
  • For Individuals: Individuals, please pay attention! You do not have to worry at all. As long as you have a social profile and are willing to share their products with your followers and community, this affiliate network will let you grow and make a profit. If your social media account gets successful in meeting their needs, you can apply for free clothes as well.

Features –

  • Combative Commission Rates: For every single sale, FirstGrabber’s affiliates – Rosegal, Zaful, and Dresslily offer different commissions rates. The commissions given by them are a bit competitive and are as per the industry requirements.
  • Excellent Customer Support: This affiliate platform provides excellent customer support via Skype as well as email. Also, the platform has its help center, especially for the people to understand how the program works and how to use it.
  • Prompt Payment: This platform is very peculiar with the distribution of the commissions. It will release the commission only after 45 days of the order. The affiliates only need to wait for just 8-10 business days.
  • Reliable reporting and Tracking: This affiliate network uses super defined analytics and tactics to track sales. Every information gets observed from four distinct perspectives – Ad Report, Account Performance, Income Report, and Order Report. Also, you can even look for the bonus details.
  • Simple and Straightforward Promotions: The most important thing which matters for the affiliates is to advertise the products and to earn bonus/commission. This affiliate platform has made the promotion easier for the affiliates as it provides tools such as social media shares as well as you have the option for link customization. Also, it offers various contents such as videos, product feeds, banners, and coupons to you so that you use it for the promotion.

How Does FirstGrabber Work?

Firstly, You have to fill all the information asked while signing up. After you are done, a pop up will appear, which contains various categories from which you have to select some.

After when you click continue, next, you have to put up details like currency, language, and your website URL.

Once your email gets verified, you can Log In to your account. Account activation can take up to two to three days, or it can just take a few hours to get your account activated.

Next, coming to the Dashboard part, FirstGrabber’s dashboard is quite simple and easy to use. Through a single place, you can collect several data such as clicks, commissions, and sales in the form of a graph. Also, if you want to get daily, weekly, and monthly reports – you can see that as well. Plus on the right-hand side, you will get the latest news, notifications so that you cannot miss a piece of single information.

On the left side, the very first tab is the Creative tab, which gives you all the content which you may need for the promotion of the products. There are 04 options from which you can choose-

  • Banners
  • Videos (Promotional)
  • Coupons (which you can create for your customers)
  • Dynamic Ads



Next comes the Product Tab – From here, you can export products to your blog or website. There are 04 categories available from which you can select from – Data Feed, Best Sellers, New Arrivals, and High Commission.



Reports Tab

Click on the report tab if you want to track the performance and get the reports of your affiliate product sales. Under the reports tab, 04 categories are there from which you can select –

  • Performance – Performance report will show you detailed information about clicks, sales amount, order count, commissions, and conversions.
  • Ad Report – In this report, you can track the order count as well the exact number of clicks. You can also take a look at the orders that are still pending and which got paid.
  • Order Report – Here, you can get the details of your orders, its status, ID, event date, total sales, and commission.
  • Income Report – If you want to check the total commission and the bonus which you have earned then, this report is what you need to look at.



Product Review

If you are a well-known blogger or if you have got a website that has a huge number of following then you can apply for getting the free products on this platform. After that, you can review them on your respective site or blog.



But FirstGrabber has its own set of rules, you have to wait for their approval. You can also pay for the product and then can review it.

Account Center

The account center is the one end solution for all your issues. Also, you can manage your account from here. You can edit your account information plus control all the privacy handles from this place.

There are 04 sub-categories under this tab –

  • Basic Information – This section helps you edit the account information whenever you need to.
  • Commission Model – You can check the commission rates for every product category and different account levels (Standard, premium, VIP). The % may also differ in Merchants, Devices, Countries, and so on.

  • My Social Account – This part will help you connect your social media accounts with the FirstGrabber.
  • Payments – This section will help you withdraw the amount you have in your account balance. But before you click withdraw, make sure you add payment method first. This platform supports Webmoney, PayPal, and Bank Transfer.




  • Custom Link – Here you create a customized link for your site and begin tracking using those links. Campaign tracking becomes easier with this.
  • API Key & API Documents – This tool is basically for the affiliates who require the API service. There are some steps that you have to follow for getting the API key and then complete API documentation will be provided by this platform for the insertion process.
  • Image Gallery – Here you have a bunch of fashion niche-based images which you can use for your promotional activities.



Ins and Outs of FirstGrabber


  • Registration is Free of cost. No hidden fees
  • Welcome bonus of $10 (who doesn’t love things that comes for free)
  • Simple User Interface
  • Affiliate Programs for Top brands like Zaful, Rosegirl, Dresslily. 
  • Earn up to 30% commission on each sale
  • Solid privacy controls
  • Bonus and Incentive schemes are engaging
  • Exceptional customer support


  • It would be nice if they add other brands too.


Final Thoughts

FirstGrabber is one empyreal affiliate marketing platform open for all sorts of affiliate marketers. This platform ideally blends with popular brands plus offer incentives as well as bonuses. Also, if the FirstGrabber finds your website/blog relevant and of high potential, then it offers products for free of cost for the product reviews.

The website is simple to navigate and easy to understand. 

Taking everything into consideration, it is an excellent platform from which the affiliate marketers can benefit from. The best part is – You don’t have to pay a single dime for registering instead you receive a bonus when you sign up for FirstGrabber.

This was my review of the First Grabber. Want to share about any platform or anything related to affiliate marketing? You are Welcome! Please share it with us down below in the comment section. 

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