Fully Automated Referral Marketing Program || Referral Rock Review 2022

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Introduction to Referral Rock || Referral Rock Review

Referral Rock is a referral program software designed to help businesses reach out to more potential customers utilizing the existing customer base. The referral program software automates every task of a process to scale and constantly evaluates the success of the referral marketing campaigns. The software assists in acquiring fresh new customers, mounting best practices, and building brands.

The lead management solution picks up existing relationships and converts them into a predictable point of origin for new customers with in-built integrations, workflow automation, and rewards achievements. This also helps marketers to bank their growth on word of mouth rather than depending on a complicated sales cycle phenomenon. It turns your reach-out campaign into a referral marketing platform.

Some of the most notable features of Referral Rock are standard rewards, unlimited referrals, integrations, and many more to be discussed further.

The referral program software operates through widgets accompanied via a personalized portal with branding et al. Referral Rock performs best for all major eCommerce websites. You can set up different rewards tiers for the referrals, e.g., discount coupons, cash prizes, gift cards, and other customized awards. It also lets you use a two-sided, tiered, and time-based, format for successful referrals.

Features of Referral Rock || Referral Rock Review

Referral Rock is chock full of features that will help you catapult your referral marketing program to new heights. Here are some of the key functionalities of Referral Rock.

  • Referral Marketing Programs
    Referral Rock makes it easier for your existing customers to refer to the program easily. The referral programs are not only limited to eCommerce but also B2B and B2C businesses too.
    The software has a built-in refer-a-friend widget with a member portal. But what makes it different?
    Referral Rock offers a complete portal where you can build and personalize a solid automated referral marketing program.  It lets you promote your referral program in a variety of ways. Reach out to customers on the social media platform or marketing channel of their choice at their leisure.
  • Integrations
    Any eCommerce, B2B or B2C business requires a certain number of Integrations to simplify business workflows. Referral marketing systems are no different in this situation, just that the trade of this kind needs integration with workflow and Systems (such as SaaS, CRM, APIs, Automations, etc.)
    Referral Rock is a competent referral program software that works on the pre-existing systems of your organization. In addition to that, the software is capable of supporting composite CRMs and transferable sales processes for eCommerce. You can also accept, appoint, and automate award achievements.
    Some of the most notable applications available for integration are RESTful API, JavaScript, Zapier, Campaign Monitor, Acuity, Google Analytics, Zoho, WooCommerce, 3DCart, Shopify, etc.
  • Results-Driven Onboarding
    With Referral Rock, you get a dedicated customer success manager that will personally work with you to build the best experience exclusive to your organization. Referral Rock offers expertise in more than 1000 different programs ranging in a wide variety of industries and gets you quick results.
  • Quick Launching and Optimization
    The referral management software makes it easier and faster for users to launch their operations. The final review and launch allow you to confirm active promotional plans and solve any final issues.
    After commencement, you can also optimize the campaign through post-launch check-ins. It lets you review your first results and make changes based on the initial data.
  • Continuous Support for Steady Stream of Success
    Referral Rock’s support does not end with you launching the software. As mentioned before, the software offers a dedicated customer success manager. In addition to that, the software assists in every step of the way to make the most out of the marketing campaigns.
    For instance, you can access the exhaustive knowledge base to get quick answers to your queries. It is thorough and the help center is easy to search through.
    Followed by, new feature updates. Referral Rock pings you every time they roll out new features so that you can stay in the know of the brand-new improvements.
    Another excellent support feature is live chat. It lets you get in correspondence with experts within the scope of your doubt and get it resolved.
    Lastly, it provides a dedicated customer success manager. It helps you review your referral operations periodically and optimize accordingly.
  • Creating a Quality Experience Unique to Your Business
    You can customize the stylistic appearance and ambiance to equate with your brand. The brand alignment feature lets you offer a consistent, on-brand experience with a completely customized referral solution.
    It provides all the controls required to design, copy, message, creative, etc. You can add the programs smoothly into your marketing channels, customer interactions, and other contact points.
    Referral Rock offers positioning at the critical points of reaching out.
    The visual editor allows users to create beautiful programs.
    Custom Branding option lets you personalize domains, emails, and sharing links. You can add a number of programs like referral marketing, partner and affiliate programs, progressive incentives and payment options, and advanced integrations and workflows.
  • Affiliate Marketing Platform
    Referral Rock is designed with the forethought that affiliates and partners are entitled to an experience that is not just transactional, the benefit of which is an increase in engagement in your affiliate network.
    Its affiliate marketing feature simplifies tasks such as tracking activities and overseeing referrals for the affiliates and partners. It individually integrates with various SaaS, CRMs, and eCommerce platforms and operates vicariously. You can also use it through its own portal. Furthermore, you can update your deals and referrals from CRM integrations. It also allows affiliates to acknowledge referrals directly so affiliates can claim who they sent.

How to Build Your Referral Program in Referral Rock? || Referral Rock Review

Referral Rock is a complete and automated referral marketing program which results in it having multiple working components. While personalizing the referral program, you will be focusing on two different experiences, namely the Member Experience, and the Referral Experience. Here we will discuss them in further detail.

But before discussing experiences, you should know about the Program Editor. The Program Editor is where you will frame out your Member and Referral experiences. This includes the logic for setting up rewards systems and automated emails Referral Rock sends.

  • Member Experience
    For you to get people to join your referral program, it is vital to build a Member experience all through the customer journey and transverse through various marketing touch points. Ensure that the Member experience is as forthright and as smooth as possible. Rember, the easier you make it for members to engage with your referral program, the more likely they are to join and continue sharing with their networks.Referral Rock enables you to integrate your referral program across every customer channel you have and contact points such as – your website, email marketing system, online portal/account page, etc.

    It starts with Member registration and access. After identifying your target audience for members, you will have to strategize properly to get them registered for your referral program in the simplest way possible. The default way to register for any referral program is the registration page, but Referral Rock has alternatives too. Like auto-enrolling through a one-click-access URL for email marketing or iFrame for websites. In case you have a .CSV file of your potential referrals, you can use the Invite Import option to import the list straight to the Referral Rock’s database.

    a visual depiction of how the member experience works
    a visual depiction of how the member experience works

    The access/registration of the member is followed by their sharing. Once a member joins your referral program, they will get access to their personal sharing dashboard. This dashboard hosts social media and easy email share options. It simplifies sharing for Members by giving them pre-drafted social, email, and SMS messaging.

    After a member successfully shares and their referral takes the appropriate action they will be rewarded based on the reward rules and criteria defined by you.

  • Referral Experience
    After setting up a properly developed plan for attracting new members, you will have to direct your focus towards designing your referral experience. This will be the first time of interaction with your brand/business for the new leads or referrals. So make sure that your first impression is very good as it gives you a stronger foot in the game going forward.
    A visual depiction of how Referral Experience works

    The first thing you need to work on is the discovery of your referral. Once a member shares your business information with their network (from the sharing options on their member dashboard) the fresh leads will start finding your company and brand. This will direct new referrals to the referral page where they will hopefully make the desired action such as completing the lead form, making a purchase, etc.

    The referral page can sometimes be the only point of interaction with your business and brand. So make sure you start it off with a great impression.

    Once you have set up the means to gather customer interest, your next goal has to be to capture their information so that you can credit the referring partner/member. Referral Rock has several ways for automating lead capturing, associating them with the correct member, and then updating their situation as per your sales process. Based on your personal workflow and systems, you can make use of referral form, conversion tracking, or unique member code.
    Lastly, the update and rewards are based on the status of the referral.

Pricing of Referral Rock || Referral Rock Review

Referral Rock is available in three plans and they are:

  • Starter – $200
    Everything you require to compose and operate your first referral program. It comes with:
    500 members
    1 referral program
    Standard rewards
    Unlimited referrals
    Standard Integrations
    Chat and Email Support
    Dedicated Success Manager
  • Growth – $400
    Helps in growing multiple programs along automation and advanced features. It is equipped with:
    5000 members
    3 referral program
    Advanced rewards
    Unlimited referrals
    Advanced Integrations
    Chat and Email Support
    Dedicated Success Manager
  • Established Business – $800
    Operate programs at a massive scale with extra branding, control, and integrations. It offers:
    10,00 members
    5 referral program
    Advanced rewards
    Unlimited referrals
    Premium Integrations
    Premium Branding
    Priority Support
    Chat and Email Support
    Dedicated Success Manager

The trial versions are only available for Starter and Growth plans.

Pros and Cons of Referral Rock || Referral Rock Review

Referral Rock, like any other software, offers its fair share of Pros and Cons.

Pros of using Referral Rock:

  1. The referral management software can integrate effortlessly with HubSpot and can be used as a CRM.
  2. The reports generated inside the Admin dashboard are very informative and of incredible help.
  3. Referral Rock is very flexible and its customization capabilities are near endless.
  4. The widgets are very easy to embed and generally easy to use.

Cons of using Referral Rock:

  1. Reporting capabilities are quite inadequate.
  2. Program customization and branding options such as font selection, spacing, size, etc. get glitchy at times.


Conclusion Referral Rock || Referral Rock Review

Referral Rock offers one of the best communication capabilities across the board. It lets you create email campaigns to interact with customers at any point in their life and automate the replies. Plus you can engage the affiliates and partners for improved retention rates. The software lets you highlight unique promotions and notifications to your current customers to motivate repeated purchases.
The automation this software offers lets you automate routine tasks that ought to take a lot of time. Referral Rock is also quick on integrations which helps you to spend less time on squandering tools in one place and organize the order of work.

Going by the industry standards for referral management software, Referral Rock is decent at what it does. It makes the lives of online marketers simpler by automating most of their tasks for referral programs. The software is highly recommended for SaaS, small and medium-sized businesses, growth marketers, online marketers, and service providers.

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